Black Katharsis

by Satanic Warmaster



Mini-Album from 2002.

Originally released by and still available from Northern Heritage.
Northern heritage website:


released October 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Satanic Warmaster Finland

Satanic Warmaster is Werwolf.
Formed in 1998.

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Track Name: Remembrance of Times Forgotten
A depressed soul infested with black hate
Within the chamber where emotions have died
Sadness and sorrow left behind only ruin
A depraved shell resting in silence

Remembrance of the times long forgotten
From those times the soul still holds the ashes
Like the last remains of human feelings
They smolder to light again as a new king

Seen from the tower in the nightly hours
A shining beyond the clouds
Remembrance of times forgotten
Awaiting their return...
Track Name: Cursed Emperor
A vial is shattered in anguish
The blood cherished in the glass
Shall run free once again
Like years ago in the veins of a cursed Emperor

Standing aghast by the rebirth
The blood runs on the seams
Soul expurgated by the spell
Of the immense worship to the dark one

Once feared mark of Satan engraved
Solely to the chest of the devotee
A dying memory of a shadow order
Now sown again as a seed for a new temple